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The last battle of the Alps

By Fabio Canepa, Roberto Cena


North West Alps. The II World War ended officially in Italy 25th April 1945, but the French army of De Gaulle tried to invade North West Italy to annex some territories.

Only an unusual alliance between fascists and partisans in two different fronts will save the Italian's boundaries.


Production La Sarraz Pictures
With the sponsor of Film Commission Torino Piemonte Piemonte, Doc Film Fund, Genova Liguria film commission, Mairie de Seez (F)
Distribution Cinecittà Luce
First screening 10/03/2010 Empire Cinema in Turin

Artistic Spec

Produced by Alessandro Borrelli
In coproduction with Cinecittà Luce
Director Fabio Canepa, Roberto Cena
Story Fabio Canepa, Roberto Cena
Screenplay Fabio Canepa, Roberto Cena
D.O.P. Furio Bruzzone
Editing Marzio Mirabella, Dagmar Thomann
Executive producer Gilbert Hus
Music Sandro Di Stefano
Graphic La Testuggine
Camillo Rovetta
Sylvain Chinal
Roberto Cravero
Aristide Galliani

Tech Spec

Film lenght 54
Original format HDV
Original language Italian, French
Location Alps
Release date 2010-03-10

Festivals and awards

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