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Le (r)esistenti

By Francesca Balbo


The Docuweb le (r)esistenti results from the idea to tell the story of 27 women living in L'Aquila who had the strength to keep on with their daily life, never stop working and beginning anew after the terrible earthquake in Abruzzo in 2009.


Production La Sarraz Pictures
In cooperation with La Sarraz Pictures
Distribution corriere.it

Artistic Spec

Produced by Corriere.Tv e La 27ma Ora
Clip's director Francesca Balbo
Project design Le giornaliste del blog La 27ma Ora
Executive producer Alessandro Borrelli - La Sarraz Pictures
Web development La Testuggine

Tech Spec

Film lenght 180
Deploy platform Flash, Html5
Original language Italiano
Location L'Aquila
Filming period Aprile 2012
Release date 2012-04-26

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