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From the depths

By Valentina Pedicini


A long night without an end, without seasons, without time. A secular labor that is both pride and curse. Kilometers of tunnels. Darkness.

Black men.

A woman.

Patrizia, the only female miner in Italy, enters in a dialogue with a dead father, a never buried memory. The last 150 miners are ready to fight a war against the "upper" world to prevent the already imminent closure of the mine.
Dal Profondo, shooting  500 metres below sea level there is a voice from the depthes, is a  prayer that is dedicated to the dead and demands to be heard by the living: "De profundis, clamavi ad te, O Domine....."


Production La Sarraz Pictures
In cooperation with Rai Cinema
With the contribution by BLS- Sud Tirol, Piemonte Doc Film Fund, Sardegna Film Commission
Distribution La Sarraz Pictures
Press agency Studio Vezzoli

Artistic Spec

Produced by Alessandro Borrelli
Associate producer Daniel Mahlknecht
Director Valentina Pedicini
Story Valentina Pedicini
D.O.P. Jakob Stark
Editing Luca Mandrile
On stage recording Martin Fliri
Sound editing Stefano Grosso, Riccardo Spagnol, Marzia Cordò, Daniela Bassani
Executive producer Alessandro Borrelli per La Sarraz Pictures
Music Federico Campana
Graphic La Testuggine

Tech Spec

Original language Italiano
Subtitles English
Location Carbosulcis

Festivals and awards

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