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Pink Gang

By Enrico Bisi


A group of women unite to fight against the violation of human rights, the corruption of the police and gangsterism,  led by the leader Sampat Pal, armed with a pink sari and a cane of the same colour.

The documentary narrates the mission of the group through the personal story of its founder Sampat Pal.


Production La Sarraz Pictures, Tama Film Produktion, Intrigo Internazionale
Distribution La Sarraz Distribuzione
First screening 11/05/2010 h20:00 at "Cinema Gnomo " in Milan

Artistic Spec

Produced by Alessandro Borrelli
Director Enrico Bisi
Story Enrico Bisi
Screenplay Enrico Bisi
D.O.P. Simon Luca Chiotti
Editing Beatrice Babin, Marco Duretti
On stage recording Fabio Coggiola
Sound editing Fabio Coggiola
Music Fabio Viana
Sampat Pal Devi

Tech Spec

Film lenght 72
Original format HDV color
Location India
Release date 2010-05-10

Festivals and awards

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