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Made in Chinatown

By Sergio Basso


A ballad about the Chinese community in Milan. An Italian guy asks a Chinese girl's hand in marriage. This triggers a domino-like plot of confrontations among a crowd of characters. Starting from the focus on one of the largest and oldest Chinatowns in Europe, the film carries the spectators into a universal metaphor on hatred and dreams between West and China


Production La Sarraz Pictures
In cooperation with Rai Cinema
With the contribution by MiBAC – Direzione generale per il cinema "Film di interesse culturale"
With the support of Provincia di Milano "Bando Filmmaker - Cinema fuori formato 2008"
With the sponsor of Film Commission Torino Piemonte Piemonte Doc Film Fund
Distribution La Sarraz Distribuzione
First screening Turin, 15 Nopvember 2009 h20:15 cinema Greenwich, 27th Torino film festival

Artistic Spec

Produced by Alessandro Borrelli
In coproduction with CSC - Production srl
Director Sergio Basso
Story Sergio Basso
D.O.P. Daniel Arvizu
Editing Davide Vizzini
On stage recording Andrea Sileo
Sound editing Mirko Guerra
Mixing Mirko Guerra
Music Enea Bardi
Graphic La Testuggine
Animation Lorenzo Latrofa - La Testuggine

Tech Spec

Film lenght 75
Original format Color HD
Original language Italian, Chinese
Subtitles English, Italian
Location Milan
Filming period Spring 2009
Release date 2009-11-15

Festivals and awards

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