Eugène Green

Eugène Green

After studying literature and art history at the Sorbonne, Eugène Green founded, in 1977, a theatre company, le Théâtre de la Sapience, with which he attempted to revive baroque theatre, in the same way that musicians now interpret early music, and he staged plays by Corneille and Racine.  He also participated as an actor, and has recorded a certain number of Seventeenth Century texts.  In 1999 he directed his first film (released in 2001), Toutes les nuits, which won the Louis-Delluc first-film award. His subsequent feature films were Le monde vivant (2003), Le Pont des Arts (2004), A Religiosa portuguesa (2009) and La Sapienza (2014).

He is also a writer, having published essays on baroque civilisation (La parole baroque), cinema (Présences and Poétique du cinématographe), as well as books of poetry, and four novels, La reconstruction (2007), La bataille de Roncevaux (2009), La communauté universelle (2010), and Les atticistes (2012).


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La Sapienza

By Eugène Green

Alexandre is a successful French architect. In the midst of a marital and creative crisis he leaves for Italy with his wife Alienor to work on a project he’d interrupted years earlier.